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Auto Body Painting in Fredericksburg & Stafford VA

Automotive painting done right in our facilites with our brand new State of the Art equipment. We paint any Car, Truck or SUV in either our Stafford or Fredericksburg Virginia locations. 

Whether your vehicle has been involved in a minor scrape or a major fender- bender, collisions are never a pleasant experience. At Radley Collision Repair, our goal is to ease your stress and restore a factory finish to your vehicle as quickly as possible. We have fully equipped auto body repair and auto painting workshops in both Fredericksburg and Stafford, and we hold I-CAR Gold Class status, a designation held by only about 10% of collision repair shops nationwide.


We invest heavily to ensure our workshops remain equipped with only the most advanced collision repair and auto painting technologies available, and our technicians attend regular training to ensure we are always up-to-date with industry trends and the materials used on the latest model vehicles.


State-of-the-Art Auto Painting

Whether your vehicle requires a cosmetic touch-up, or a partial or complete paint respray, you can rely on our in-house paint shop experts to complete the job to the highest standards. Our car painting services cover repairs to:


-         Faded and oxidized paint (chalking)

-         Removal of swirl marks

-         Scratched paintwork

-         Peeling or flaking paint

-         Rust damage

-         Repainting after collision damage


Car painting requires careful preparation of your vehicle, a dust-free environment, an experienced paint technician, and the highest quality primers, topcoats and clearcoats. We don’t take any shortcuts at Radley Collision Repair. Painting over small defects might hide the problem for a while, but over time these sub-surface imperfections can eventually spoil your new paint job.

Therefore, we thoroughly surface prep all areas prior to repainting in order to remove all dents, chips, scratches and blemishes, to achieve an entirely smooth surface before any new paint goes on. This ensures your new paint job will stand the test of time for years to come.

Our spray painting booths are both ventilated and temperature controlled. The air inside each booth is filtered to create a dust-free environment for a defect-free optimal auto painting result. The temperature control ensures that all the newly painted areas set at the same rate, in order to achieve an even and hard finish.

Color Matching

We stock a wide selection of car manufacturer color cards. However, over time environmental conditions such as UV-rays, salt, road grime, and general cleaning products can slightly alter your vehicle’s original paint color. To ensure there is never any mismatch, our auto painters often formulate a custom color blend to obtain a precise match to the current paint hue on your vehicle. This process compensates for any subtle variation in the original paint color due to vehicle age and the cumulative effect of sunlight and other environmental conditions.

We use only the highest quality auto paints supplied by top-flight names such as BASF and DuPont to ensure the colors last. And to cater to all ages of vehicles and repairs, we carry a comprehensive range of quality putties, fillers, primers, basecoats, enamels, acrylics, 2-pack topcoats and clearcoats, and we can even restore your vehicle’s factory corrosion protection as part of the process.

The type of paint that we use will depend on your budget and the standard of job that you require. For example, a paint touch-up using an enamel base paint is very cost effective, but is less resilient and more prone to chipping compared to a polyurethane paint. If you are planning to sell the car within a couple of years, the former may suit your needs, whereas the latter will ensure a greater degree of longevity for your car’s new paint-job. Our warranty coverage also varies depending on the type of paint that we use.

Our service advisor will advise you of the cost and warranty coverage available for the various paint options, so that you are able to make a fully-informed choice before we begin work on your vehicle. We offer no-obligation auto painting estimates, and we are happy to deal with most of the major insurance companies on your behalf, to make the process as hassle-free as possible for you.

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Whether your vehicle needs a touch-up, cosmetic paint repairs, or has been involved in a more significant collision, call us at (888) 699-2105 to schedule an obligation free consultation and vehicle assessment. We service customers living in Fredericksburg and Stafford, as well as residents of nearby towns and regions including Quantico, Woodbridge and Dumfries. We have been in the business of providing quality auto painting and collision repairs to Virginians since 1979. The team of professional auto painters at our paint shops is committed to producing the highest standard of vehicle restoration possible. We look forward to your visit and to being of service.

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