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Auto Body Shop and Collision Repair in Fredericksburg & Stafford

VIrignia's Best Automotive Body Shop near Quantico and Woodbridge.  

Radley Collision Repair has been proudly serving the auto body repair needs of Northern Virginia residents since 1979. Both our Fredericksburg and Stafford auto body shops hold I-CAR Gold Class status, a designation held by only about 10% of collision repair shops nationwide. We have built our business on a cornerstone of absolute integrity and customer satisfaction, and we maintain annual training for our technicians to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality body shop repairs on all the latest model vehicles. We aim to achieve a benchmark of excellence across all facets of our business, with a focus of fostering long-term customer relationships.


State-of-the-Art Auto Body Repairs

The standard of repair and the quality of materials used varies greatly between body shops. In a quest to reduce costs, it’s a fact of life that some body shop operators will cut a few corners, and the difference to a vehicle owner might be imperceptible at first, indeed, even for years.


Maybe they’ll use lower quality paint in their paint shop, which could look great at the outset, but might start to oxidize within a few years. Or maybe they simply aren’t equipped with the latest technology machinery. For example, to be properly aligned, a vehicle’s unibody or frame should be returned to a tolerance of between 1-3mm to factory specifications, and this is difficult to achieve with an outdated straightening rack. Again, the difference will be imperceptible to the average driver, but a poorly straightened frame or unibody can result in increased fuel consumption and tire wear, and potential suspension problems and wheel alignment issues.


You can rest assured that no such shortcuts are taken at Radley Collision Repair. Our body shop equipment is regularly updated to the latest industry standards, and the materials we use are second to none. Further, we employ a systematic quality control process to ensure all problems are identified, corrected and then re-verified prior to the return of your vehicle. And all of our body shop work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.


The Radley Collision Center Process – Our Services

At both our Fredericksburg and Stafford body shops, we offer no-obligation, free assessments and estimates on the following services:


  • Paintless dent repair, including for hail damage
  • Cosmetic auto painting to repair chips, scrapes, scratches, faded, oxidized, peeling or flaking paint
  • Full or partial auto body painting
  • Application of corrosion protection
  • Windshield crack and chip repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Bumper repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Panel replacement
  • Suspension system repair and alignment
  • Full collision repair


If our estimate and scope of work meets with your approval, you will be required to sign a repair authorization before we can begin working on your vehicle. If applicable, we are happy to liaise with your insurance company, and once we have their approval, we will order the required parts. We deal with most of the large insurance companies. Once we have received all of the required parts, we will provide you with an expected completion date and schedule your vehicle for repair.


For the more complex jobs such as collision and suspension system repair, we will begin disassembling the damaged parts in order to be able to perform a more thorough inspection. If we find further damaged components which were not visible or accessible at the time of the initial assessment, we will produce an ancillary report for your approval prior to ordering the additional parts.


Once we are in possession of all the required parts, our body shop technicians will carry out the necessary mechanical and structural repairs. Upon completion, the repaired sections are finished with the application of corrosion protection, priming, painting, and sealing, as the case may be, depending on the nature of the repair. Component reassembly then follows, including wheel alignment and final detailing. The completed work is then inspected and/or tested, and the vehicle test-driven if necessary, again depending on the nature of the repair.

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If your vehicle requires one of our body shop repair services, we welcome your call at (888) 699-2105 so we can schedule an obligation free repair assessment and estimate. We service customers living in Fredericksburg and Stafford, as well as residents of nearby towns and regions including Quantico, Woodbridge and Dumfries. We look forward to your visit and to fulfilling your body shop repair needs.

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