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Automotive Frame Straightening in Fredericksburg & Stafford
Your local Frame Damage Repair Shop

Frame straightening is a crucial aspect of quality collision repair. Improper or imprecise frame alignment can compromise other aspects of the repair, and can potentially cause premature tire wear, poor fuel economy, suspension problems, alignment issues, uneven steering, not to mention safety issues. So frame damage isn’t something to be taken lightly.

While many auto body shops might have the tools and expertise to perform reasonably good general collision repairs, accurate frame straightening requires expert attention and equipment. Returning your frame to factory specifications involves realigning the frame to tolerances of 3mm or less. This level of precision requires state-of-the-art computerized measurement technology in the hands of experienced technicians.

When a vehicle is involved in a collision, visible damage occurs to the panels and components within the area of impact. However, in many cases, damage can also occur to the unibody or inner frame.

Most modern passenger vehicles are manufactured using the unibody process which combines sheet metal body parts with the load-carrying frame structure, to form the body and chassis as a single piece. Other vehicles, particularly larger SUV’s and trucks, are manufactured using the body-on-frame method. Irrespective of how your car or truck is constructed, Radley Collision Center has the equipment and expertise to accurately return your vehicle’s unibody or frame to manufacturer specifications. Frame Damage Repairs must be perforamed by technicians that know whats involved. 

The Radley Collision Center Frame Straightening Process – How It Works

As opposed to panels which can be planished or replaced, repairing the damage to an inner frame or unibody involves dismantling the vehicle and placing it on a hydraulic straightening rack. Not all racks are created equal however. The frame straightening machines at our workshops are state-of-the-art and mounted with multiple line-of-sight lasers enabling them to detect the slightest deviations from factory specifications.

The vehicle’s unibody or frame is bolted down to fixed anchor points on the bench, which completely immobilizes it. Once the technician has determined the areas that require alignment, chains are attached to specific points on the unibody or frame, which are in turn secured to fixed towers around the outside of the rack.

The technician operates the hydraulic equipment to slowly increase the tension on the chains, which in-turn pull the attached frame section back to factory specifications. Once the laser diagnostics confirm that the section has been correctly realigned, the technician can rotate the towers and attach the chains to the next area to be straightened.

Using this precision laser and computer guided method, each stress-point identified is sequentially realigned until the entire frame or unibody is returned to factory specifications. The frame or unibody is then untethered and removed from the straightening rack prior to vehicle painting and reassembly.

Highly accurate frame and unibody alignment is extremely important to the success of a collision repair, and the team at Radley Collision Center has both the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to complete the job accurately. And of course, all of our frame straightening and body work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Auto Body Repair Excellence

At Radley Collision Center, we have been in the business of delivering quality auto body repairs to Virginians since 1979. We hold I-CAR Gold Class status, a designation held by only about 10% of auto body repair shops nationwide. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of repair possible, and we maintain annual training to ensure our technicians receive the most up-to-date knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe and quality collision repairs on all the latest model vehicles.


We have workshops in Fredericksburg and Stafford, and serve the residents of nearby towns and regions including Quantico, Woodbridge and Dumfries. We offer a complete range of auto body, painting and collision repair services, including windshield crack and chip repair, bumper repair, paintless dent repair, and hail damage repair.

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